Religion and Politics

Whatever a church’s relationship to its political environment in any given case, it can take two measures to avoid becoming politically acculturated. The first measure is to ensure that theology determines politics, and not politics theology…. The second measure is to retain a strong sense of mission.

Stephen P. Hoffman in Timothy P. Demy and Gary P. Stewart, Politics and Public Policy: A Christian Response, p. 60

Liberty Springs from an Abiding Faith in God

The public expression through prayer of our faith in God is a fundamental part of our American heritage and a privilege which should not be excluded by law from any American school, public or private. One hundred fifty years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville found that all Americans believed that religious faith was indispensable to the maintenance of their republican institutions. Today, I join with the people of this nation in acknowledging this basic truth, that our liberty springs from and depends upon an abiding faith in God.

Ronald Reagan, May 17, 1982, in a proposed Constitutional amendment for prayer in schools

You Are the Music

Lyrics may be read below the video.


‘Tis you that are the music, not your song.
The song is but a door which, opening wide,
Lets forth the pent-up melody inside,
Your spirit’s harmony, which clear and strong
Sings but of you. Throughout your whole life long
Your songs, your thoughts, your doings, each divide
This perfect beauty; waves within a tide,
Or single notes amid a glorious throng.
The song of earth has many different chords;
Ocean has many moods and many tones
Yet always ocean.
So is this
One music with a thousand cadences.