Free Stuff Friday: Nehemiah — By God’s Grace You Can Make a Difference

Most studies on the book of Nehemiah focus on leadership.  About a year ago I began a series of sermons in the book of Nehemiah that were preached from a slightly different application.  One person can make a difference in his or her world, and Nehemiah stands as an example of how God’s grace can impact the world through one, devoted, passionate follower of Christ.


The book is in .mobi format and can be read on a Kindle app or any other ebook reader compatible with the .mobi format.



A Prayer for Today’s Troubles

We pray Thee to bless any amongst us who may have any special difficulty in reconciling their present circumstances with their faith in a loving Father; and whatever the circumstances may be may the faith not falter in us. Help us all to be sure of God’s love, and to live therein compassed about as by a wall of fire that keeps all real evil off us.

Alexander Maclaren, Pulpit Prayers

Resource: Living by the Book by Hendricks & Hendricks

At my church I am currently teaching a Bible study on how to study the Bible.  We are using the books Living by the Book by Howard Hendricks and William Hendricks and the corresponding Workbook. (Click the book titles to purchase on Amazon.  There are also Kindle versions of the books, but my personal opinion is that the hard copy (at least of the workbook) would be most helpful for this particular study.)

I found this video for the class to supplement what is being taught.  I hope the video will be a valuable resource for all who view it.

“Preacher, You Don’t Preach the Old Fashioned Gospel!”

At this, the devout Pharisee and the decent moralist are highly offended. Such doctrines being advanced, they think it incumbent upon them to stand up in defence of what they call an holy life: and to support the sinking credit of good works, as having a considerable efficacy in procuring our acceptance with God. This many persons frequently do, much more by talking about their necessity, than by performing them. Now they think it their duty to rail at the preacher as an avowed enemy to holiness; nor will they spare to give him the honourable title of, A friend of publicans and sinners. Now innumerable slanders are cast on the doctrine of grace, as being licentious; and on the ministers of it, as opening the floodgates of all iniquity. For they suppose that every thing bad may be justly expected from those who openly disavow all dependence on their own duties; and whose hope of eternal happiness arises, not from services which they perform, but from grace which the gospel reveals – not from the worth which they possess, but from the work which Christ has wrought. Thus they despise the gospel under the fair pretence of a more than common concern for the interests of holiness.

The Fear in Leadership

Leadership is about fearing God more than others do.  Leadership is about  revering God’s name.  Leadership is not about taking pleasure in who God is and what He is like.  Leadership is about making the chief end of your life helping, instructing, and challenging others to revere and delight in God’s name as well.

Mark Dever, The Message of the Old Testament (Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books, 2006), 437.

The Only Way To Convince a Critical World

Many people who go to church have a withered hand, i.e., they do only half the work they should; they work with one hand only, they are working on only half their possible power.  They are people self-handicapped. There are others who see with one eye only, and others who fly on one wing. It is that sort of thing which accounts largely for the church’s in effectiveness. Only fullness of life in sacrificial service will convince a critical world.

W. Graham Scroggie in Wilbur M. Smith, Peloubet’s Select Notes on the International Sunday School Lessons: 1938 (Boston: W. A. Wilde Co., 1937), 63.