3.16’s of the Bible


I am in the final stages of a devotional book on the 3.16′s of the Bible. I have created a website for the book for two purposes.

1) I want to create interest for the book in advance of publication, which is anticipated by the summer of 2013.

2) I want to provide a venue for you to interact with the book.

Each post (two or three a week) will provide the verse, the general topic, and a few words of explanation (If you want to find out the content of the chapter, you are invited to buy the book). The main point of the chapter will be underlined in bold italics.

Please interact with the website to give your thoughts, ask your questions, and add your comments. All comments must be approved before posting, so do not be alarmed if your comment does not appear immediately. The purpose of this is to limit comments that are not relevant to the topic. Once you are approved for your first comment, you will be able to post your comments immediately.

Details about publication dates will be made announced as they become available. Until then, enjoy reading and interacting.

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