How Does the Lord Jesus Work?

How does the Lord Jesus work? He works by His truth. He works by his love. He works by His Holy Spirit. Now, how can a truth operate within an individual if the truth is not believed? Unbelief blocks the advance of the power of God in a person. The same is true of His love. How can His love bless and cherish if it’s not trusted? You may have someone who loves you profoundly and who does everything for you. But if you look with suspicion at every act he does, that love can never really become operative for you. Suspicion of love is the end of loves working.

Donald Grey Barnhouse, Mark: The Servant Gospel (Wheaton: Victor Books, 1988), 60.

Rudderless in a Sea of Conflicting Ideas

Without ‘absolutes’ revealed from without by God Himself, we are left rudderless in a sea of conflicting ideas about manners, justice, and right and wrong, issuing from a multitude of self-opinionated thinkers. We could never know who God is, how He is to be worshipped, or wherein true happiness lies. If virtue is sought … as a road to temporal happiness, the striving and the progress starts and ends in self — but selfishness is itself a vice! No attitude of mind which does not acknowledge dependence upon Almighty God and seek to glorify Him has any element of good or virtue in it.

John Owen, Biblical Theology, p. xl