2 thoughts on “Are You Trying To Do Church without Love?

  1. A gauge to show us, the basic fundamentals of religion, are not practiced by many of its people, is society as a whole.
    What we learn from places of worship, follows us wherever we go. Important it is…what we teach.
    Religion is often times limited in its thinking. And as a consequence of limited thinking, used as a vehicle of limited teaching.
    Those in a position to teach, should be talking about what real love is, and is not, and the importance of knowing the difference. Breaking it down to where it is understood… over and over again.
    Has society not had its fill, of the consequences that come from an unloved heart? History, up to the present day, shows there is a need to throw a wrench into old ways of thinking.
    And that what we need is…A Revival of the Heart.

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