“Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me Will Only Make Me Stronger”

What cannot be cured must be endured is paganism. It is wonderful that paganism ever climbed to that height. It is a great attitude, it is heroic up to a certain point, but it is not Christianity. Christianity does not say what cannot be cured must be endured, it says, rather, These things must be endured because they are part of the cure. These things are to be cheerfully borne because they have the strange and mystic power to make whole and strong, and so lead to victory and the final glory. Christianity is never the dour pessimism which submits. Christianity is the cheerful optimism which cooperates with the process, because it sees through suffering and weakness, joy and strength come.

original emphasis, G. Campbell Morgan in Richard Morgan, Howard Morgan & John Morgan, In the Shadow of Grace (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2007), 27.

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