The Splendour of His Royal Dignity

His [Jesus Christ’s] presidency over the church triumphant will continue for ever. Jesus, because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood; but his presidency over the worship and services of the church triumphant will constitute, if not the principal, at least one of the main functions of his priesthood in eternity. The splendour of his royal dignity will never eclipse the memorials of his death as a priest on Calvary, which he carried along with him to the throne of God. No; while eternal ages roll on, he will appear in the midst of the throne as a lamb that hath been slain, and by his appearance in this character he will continue to direct, enliven, and stimulate the praises of saints and angels for ever and ever. As believers in the church on earth are sweetly constrained, by the love of God in giving his Son to save them, and the love of the Son in giving his life a ransom for them, to devote their persons and services to God, so the saints in glory will be sweetly, yet powerfully, influenced by the same motives, in prosecuting the services of the celestial world; and these motives will be maintained in constant operation by the saints in light having perpetually in their view the memorials of that death by which they were redeemed to God out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.

George Stevenson, The Offices of Christ

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