Christian, Don’t Live in an Ivory Tower

If we as Christians take our faith and live apart from the world in an ivory tower, if we hold ourselves aloof while the world goes on its merry way to hell, we have not understood the heart of Christ, which caused Him to come and be baptized and identified with us. We have failed to understand the significance of Jesus Christ as heaven becoming earth for us without becoming earthy. We are to become one with the world around us — not one in its aims or its methods, but one with it in love, ready to touch it infirmities, ready to meet its needs, ready so to live that men recognize that we possess what they so desperately need. The love of Christ cannot be brought into the world around us if we are not willing to be baptized into the world as Jesus was. We need to be identified with it, having our lives rooted in Christ, but living in the midst of a world that is alien to him.

Donald Gray Barnhouse, Mark: The Servant Gospel (Wheaton, IL: Victor Books, 1988), 18.

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