Embracing Brokenness

The Bible leaves no doubt about the necessity of embracing personal brokenness. We see it played out in the lives of biblical hero after biblical hero, from Moses and David to Paul and Peter. Even Jesus Himself was broken. He had to experience that devastation, not because of anything He did, but because of our sin. Not even the holy Son of God was spared the pain and suffering inherent in being separated from intimacy with God because of our offensive choices. As much as anything, the fact that our holy and righteous Savior had to endure brokenness in order to fulfill His destiny is an unmistakable sign to us of how important it is to abandon anything that stands in the way of our complete and sole reliance upon God for true life.

George Barna & David Barton, U Turn (Lake Mary, FL: Frontline, 2014), 186.

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