3 thoughts on “How Will You Listen to Your Pastor This Weekend?

  1. The thing I think a lot of people forget is the purpose of going to church. It is not about being entertained, but it is to be healed. He church is a Spiritual hospital and the Lord is the Chief Doctor and the Pastor is (pardon the imagery) one of the nurses who listens to the Doctor’s diagnoses and tends to the ones who are ill. Once we recognize that we are all spiritually sick, then our view of church will change.

  2. The purpose of going to church is not self-centered, such as being healed or anything else. The purpose of church is purely and simply worship of Christ as He is revealed in the Scriptures — nothing more, nothing less.

    Healing and encouragement and many other blessings may come to us as we by grace through faith obey the command to attend church, but they are only peripheral. They aren’t the reason why we worship. If they are, then we worship Christ only for His benefits to us.

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