Does Your God Contradict You?

We know that in mutually loving relationships, both parties must be active agents, able to contradict as well as affirm each other. If person A is never allowed to express a contradictory opinion to person B, then person B has a power relationship with person A, but not a personal one.

Now, if you choose to believe only those things in the Bible that you agree with, in what way do you have a God who can contradict you? Only if your God can say things that upset you will you know you have a real God and not a creation of your imagination. So an authoritative Bible . . . is not the enemy of a personal love relationship with God. . . . It is the precondition.

Timothy Keller, Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism, p. 113

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2 thoughts on “Does Your God Contradict You?

  1. An interesting concept. How does this work with our requirement to have the mind of Christ? God and I don’t always see eye to eye, so I have had to change my ways on occasion. I think I see your point.

  2. Your conclusion is correct. We don’t naturally have the mind of Christ, which leads us to think of God in ways that He is not and living our faith on our terms. When we think of God as we would like Him to be, we have created an idolatrous caricature of who God is. To live our faith on our terms is legalism. God has to contradict us at that point, and He does so in order that we would think like Him. At that point, we have to change our thoughts and our ways.

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