Serve God Where You Are

In order to our carrying out the mightiest schemes of God, it is not necessary that we know what these are. God gives to each what each can do, and by the various gifts and labors of all fulfills His own grand purpose. What we need to know is only the commands of God, what He sees fit for us to do. And doing this we may be sure that, so far as we are concerned, the secret purposes of God are being accomplished. He has given to all of us the same general orders, but by putting us in different situations, He does His will through each of us in different ways. One has little active work, but much to suffer. One is freed from the cares and temptations of eminence, but thinks his lowly condition not very suitable for doing the will of God. Another excuses himself from much reference to the will of God, because he is so distracted with the wills of men, and with their cares and burdens laid upon him. All such murmuring and excusing is vain, for these three things, God’s commandment, our circumstances, and God’s eternal purpose, are all of them springing from one source, the will of God, and do therefore harmonize. Our circumstances are allotted by the same will which commands us. And therefore let no one say, “I could do God’s will better somewhere else.” What is God’s will you speak of? Is it not that you serve Him where you are; is not that His will? You were not made by God to be another man, and fill his place, and do his work. You were made as you are, to do your own work, and to fill the place in God’s plan which He has appointed you. A weak monarch may mar his own design by employing his servants in posts for which they are most unfit, but God does not so mistake; He has “given to all according to their several ability,” and so brings about His own ends.

Marcus Dods, The Prayer That Teaches to Pray