The Echo of the Snore from the Pulpit

A blunt sword will not cut; a dull sermon will not reach the conscience. The sword must be sharpened, and the sermon must be sharpened too. The preacher’s laziness or half-heartedness, want of earnest faith in Christ and earnest love to men, blunts the edge of his sermons. Ah! he needs to be sharpened himself; stirred up continually to fresh energy and communion with his Savior, and affectionate interest for his fellow-men. Nothing prevents dulness so effectually as energy and zeal. The snore from the pew is often only the echo of the snore from the pulpit.

Frederick R. Wynne, The Joy of the Ministry

One thought on “The Echo of the Snore from the Pulpit

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    Complacency and routine are the enemies of the Christian faith. They cause us to be lazy in our duties as Christians. Jesus warns us that we must always be on watch. We must watch for His return, keep an eye out for souls ready to receive Christ, and be wary of potential pitfalls that will cause us to stumble in our faith. To be watchful, we must be constantly engaged in the ways of the Lord. Specifically, we need to devote ourselves to reading God’s Word and meditating on it day and night. We must also remain steadfast in my prayers to the Lord so that we may grow stronger in our relationship with Him. Energy for the Lord is contagious and is easily seen by those who are curious about Him. Therefore, we must sharpen ourselves for God lest we be cured of the energy which the Almighty has infected us with.

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