Pastor, Focus on Christ As You Preach!

There are some Sundays I think I hit a home run, and then there are Sundays (more often than I care to admit) when I feel like my sermon fell in front of the pulpit. I need confidence in Christ, not my cleverness!

Trust God to work through yesterday’s sermon!

Listen to this encouragement from John Owen.

When you have preached well nineteen times, this will be no security for the twentieth. . . . If you lean upon books or men, or upon your own faculties and attainments, you will be in fear and in danger of falling continually. But if you stay yourself upon the Lord, he will not only make good your expectations, but in time will give you a becoming confidence in his goodness, and free you from your present anxiety.

John Owen (1616 – 1683)

HT: @MattSmethurst