You Have to Be Different to Make a Difference

In the church today the tendency is to look at the world all the time and to see the tragedy of the world. That is perfectly right, of course; the church is to be evangelistic. But the question is, how is the church to be evangelistic? And I contend that what the New Testament itself tells us, and what the history of the church tells us, is that the church is most successful evangelistically when she herself is as she ought to be. Why are the masses of the people outside the church? I do not hesitate to say that the reason is that they fail to see in us anything that attracts them, anything that creates within them a desire to receive what we have, or anything that rebukes them and condemns them for their way of living. Not that we should necessarily put that into words, but it should be seen.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Possibilities of the Christian Life

We Are More Than Conquerors

Here, then, is the test, here is the challenge. Does the gospel enable us to face the battle of life as it is today in such a way that we are more than conquerors — not merely conquerors but more than conquerors? Does this teaching . . . enable us not merely to put up with tribulations but to rejoice in them?

original emphasis, D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, Love So Amazing (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995), p. 126.

What Makes a Person a Christian?

Do you know what makes men and women Christians? It is the mighty action of the almighty God, the Creator. He takes them as they are and smashes them and makes the anew. He, God, is bringing into being something that was not there; a new disposition is put into them, a new principle of life is infused into them. God enters into their lives. The life of God comes into the soul; it is a creative act, so the New Testament says that the Christian is ‘a new creature.’

D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, Love So Amazing (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995), p. 115.