How Much Time Must I Spend with the King?

Prayer is a wonderful privilege.  It is an audience with the King.  It is talking to our Father.  How strange it is that people would ask  the question, “How much time should I spend in prayer?”  When a person is summoned to an audience with his king, he never asks, “How much time must I spend with the king?”  His question is rather, “How much time will the king give me?”  Any true child of God, who realizes that prayer is an audience with the King of Kings, will never ask, “How much time must I spend in prayer?”  Instead, he will ask, “How much time may I spend in prayer considering other duties and privileges?”

Salvation Is All of Grace

Salvation is necessarily all of grace.  Man’s fall is so complete, God’s justice so inexorable, heaven so holy, that nothing short of Omnipotent love can lift the sinner, magnify the law which he has mutilated, and make him pure enough to dwell in light.  The thought of saving sinners is God’s, born in the secret places of His great, loving heart.

Thomas Spurgeon in R. A. Torrey, et al., The Fundamentals Vol III (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2000), 120.