“Just Give Your Heart to Jesus.”

Is this Scriptural?

Often an appeal is made to us “to take Christ” or we are urged to “decide for Christ” or “follow Christ” or “give ourselves to Christ” or “give our hearts to Christ.” But, again, I think we must examine this. Is this scriptural? Does the Scripture put it in that way? Surely the Scripture does not ask, “Will you take Christ?” but “Will Christ take you?” Is it possible for him to take me in view of my sinfulness, my vileness, my guilt, my hopelessness? This idea that I can take Christ or not or that I should be pleaded with or cajoled, that pressure should be brought to bear upon me to “take Christ” or “follow him” is wrong – it is “I” all along. But I am a miserable worm, a wretch!

D. Martin Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981)

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