Look at the Christ Who Abides

All the universe and its forces are being administered for purposes of redemption. The Lamb rules and He rules as the Lamb. How calming to feel this, to look up from the turmoil of this visible, flaring, and tying world—from the shows and shams and the tinted scene of the theater; from all in life that startles and appalls, to Him who sits above it all. From Him all things proceed, and to Him they return in circular flow. The shadows are all passing; the reality is behind. Nothing lasts; our trials are all hasting away to oblivion; let the wind rave as it will, we look at the Christ who abides. How small all our conflicts and ambitions seem to be, how transient and easily borne our sorrows, when we look . . . to the serene King, against whose changeless purpose all the waves of time and circumstance break in vain.

W. R. Nicoll, The Lamb of God