If Jesus Needed Prayer, Don’t We?

The great prayerfulness of Jesus arose from the human feeling of dependence, from His sense of need. Who can be at a loss to draw the inference? If Jesus felt His dependence, His need of daily stores from heaven, how much more cause have we to feel the same? If He, with His sinless nature, needed to pray, how much more we, shapen in iniquity and conceived in sin? If He needed it, in whom the prince of this world could find nothing, how much more we to whom he find access through every organ of our body — we might almost say through every pore of our skin? If He needed it, without one besetting sin, how much more we who are so troubled by the law in our members that wars against the law of our mind, and brings us into captivity to the law of sin in our members? If He needed it, who had devoted Himself heart and soul to the Father’s work and the Father’s will, how much more we who are so prone to unworthy compromises with our own inclinations, and who have such constant occasion to cry out, “Iniquities prevail against us”?

W. G. Blaikie, Glimpses of the Inner Life of Our Lord

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