Free Stuff Friday (a day late)

On this coming Sunday, I will be preaching from Romans 13 about the government’s nature and functions. In my study and preparation, I came across a good book by James McLeod Willson titled The Establishments and Limits of Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13.1-7.

Click the button  below to download a free PDF of the book.

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Free Stuff Friday — Frame of Government

Over the past few months, I have been preaching a series of sermons on the Biblical teachings regarding government. I communicated this to my friend the Hon. Sam Rohrer who heads the American Pastors Network. He sent me a document he prepared for a presentation based on William Penn’s Frame of Government. He gave me permission to put his presentation into distribution.

I formatted Penn’s Frame and included Rohrer’s presentation at the end. You may download the ebook for free as long as you do not redistribute it in any manner. Please feel free to point or to link to this page.

Click the MOBI button below (opens to a new tab) and select “Download”.

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PDF buttonIf you would be interested in a booklet, please make a comment on this post so we may gauge interest in publishing a hard copy in the future.

A Festival of Nine Carols & Lessons — Free Stuff Friday on Monday

I didn’t have the time to post this on Friday last week (for Free Stuff Fridays), so I will post it today for all those pastors and music/worship leaders frantically trying to come up with a service for Christmas Eve because they have also been extremely busy in the Christmas season. This will also be great for a family looking to do something special on Christmas Eve or during the Advent season.

This is a Festival of Nine Carols and Lessons, all ready-made and ready to go, complete with a narration manuscript and Gospel invitation at the end. The numbers are for our Christmas song book, but the hymns and carols are easily found on the internet or in most hymnals.


If you use this, please make a comment to let me and others know how, where, and when you used it to encourage us all.

The Christmas Psalms