Top Posts of 2016

Thank you, readers, for making this website a success. There are over 1,800 quotes posted on this website. Here are a few other stats about the website.

As always the reading guides for The Knowledge of the Holy by Tozer (over 27,000 downloads), The Incomparable Christ by Sanders, and A Call to Prayer by Ryle are very popular download pages.

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Here are the Top 10 most read posts from 2016.

#10 — Faith Rests on What You Think about God

#9 — Behold Thy God at Work

#8 — Preach the Gospel to Yourself Daily

#7 — The Great Cost of Answered Prayer

#6 — Is Your Rebuke for Revenge or Restoration?

#5 — My Wife, My Better Half and Heart’s Treasure

#4 — Forgiveness Is about Us, Not Me

#3 — Wanting God for His Blessings and Not Himself

#2 — Does Your God Contradict You?

#1 — Prayer Is the Christian’s Vital Breath

Here are the Top 10 all time most read posts.

#10 — Thou Art Coming to a King

#9 — Just Two Choices on the Shelf: Pleasing God or Pleasing Self

#8 — He Must Increase; I Must Decrease

#7 — An Old Quaker Prayer

#6 — Man Will Always Disappoint

#5 — The State of the Nation Depends on the State of the Church

#4 — God Uses Broken Things

#3 — Amazing Grace shall Always Be My Song of Praise

#2 — Brokenness before God

#1 — The Importance of Music in the Church